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Fox Group



The FOX GROUP consortium is implementing a restructuring and growth plan to project itself in the near future with more and more competitive and growing quality.

In this view of growth and development that Fox Pelletterie srl becomes the leader of the Consortium, coordinating all the cooperating companies, all of which have the requirements of the current laws (not only because it is a legal obligation) to achieve a quality level Only product but also high production.

The FOX GROUP Consortium is in the process of upgrading the production process through process innovation through the forms of industry 4.0; It consists of about 90 employees of 27 years of age.

The Consortium FOX GROUP has a collaboration agreement with the Isabella D'Este Caracciolo Professional Technical Institute in Naples for the organization of professional internships for both students - Alternanza Scuola - Lavoro - and post-diploma, in order to create A training pole for the leather goods industry.

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